This is just a page that I wanted
to add to try and express my
gratitude to everyone who has
contributed to the incredible
success of my cause,

"Terry Brennan's Drive for the Jimmy Fund".

Wether it was financially, physically, or emotionally, THANK YOU!!!

As you have seen, "The Drive" totalled
$17,068.15 the first year, which was simply amazing, and because of the
incredible generousity of people
like you, we've topped that amount every year since, 

and we're not done yet!!!!! 

With the help of yourselves, & people
like you, hopefully we can do even
better this next year, and help to find
a cure for this devistating disease.

As I have stated right along, every little bit adds up. So, during these trying financial times, if you find yourselves a little short, you can still help by spreading the word
to everyone you know.

Again, from The Jimmy Fund, The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and especially from the bottom of my heart, Thank You all so much, and God Bless!!!!!