>>Terry Brennan's Drive for The Jimmy Fund<<

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This is a total of how much i've collected so far for the Jimmy Fund, and 
The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

I started on Friday, August 15th, 2008.

I was driving to a show and listening to the Red Sox game during a rain delay.
They were doing their annual 
Jimmy Fund Radio-thon and Joe Castiglione was talking to a 9 year old boy,
who when asked by his parents earlier in the year what he wanted for his birthday,
replied that he wanted everyone in his family to give him money that he could donate
to a charity. He decided to wait until the Red Sox / Jimmy Fund radio-thon
and by then he had raised over $900.00.

Well, i was so taken by this young boys thoughtfullness and generosity, I decided that 
i should try and do something.

I have never been one to consistantly put out a tip jar, but that has changed.

With all of the places that i play, and the amount of nights that i play in different
areas, i was curious to see just how much i could raise in a one year span.
Now that I know, i am continuing it!!!

In so many places that i play, i don't drink because of the distance
that i have to drive afterwards. But many nights, people offer to buy me drinks. So now,
instead of just saying no thanks, i can give people the option of taking the money that
they would have spent on that drink and contributing it to such a fantastic cause.
Or, they can just donate anyway.

With the help of the Jimmy Fund and the Boston Red Sox, the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
is striving for a cure for cancer, and they can use all of the help that we can give them!!!

"Any amount of money, wether it be the price of a drink, the change in your pocket,
a buck or two, or more,
it all adds up to helping to find a cure."

So, the next time you come out to see me, and you see that big silver
tip bucket, let everyone around you know what it's for.





I will be keeping the total updated on this page so that you can
check to see just how well we are doing.