Happy Paddy's Day!!!!!!

Funky Murphy's, 305 Shrewsbury St, Worcester, Massachusetts, US 02639


Here we go!!!!!! I'll be playing and djing the afternoon and The Brennan Bros will be playing from 8-12. Come on in!!!!!

Age limit: 21+



Terry Brennan / Greg Buckley / Joe MacDonald Jimmy Fund & Wounded War Fighters Fundraiser

Giardino's, 242 Main St, Rt. 28, West Yarmouth, Ma. 02673 USA


Just to make sure it's clear. This is for my Jimmy Fund Drive and The WOUNDED WAR FIGHTERS. It has nothing to do with The Wounded Warriors Project!!! The Fighters actually use their money to help vets, NOT line the pockets of their C.E.O.'s and Officers!!!


Thanks for voting!

I have my favorites, but "What is your favorite place to see me play?"

Irish Times 216
The Claddagh Pub 74
Irish / American Home Society 88
O'Driscoll's Pub 102
Molly's 79
Fiddler's Green 82
Fat Cat 5
Funky Murphy's 279
The Black Rose 102
Cape Cod Irish Pub 17
The Old Inne 397
The Purple Shamrock 13
McGuirk's 16
Sand Dollar 63
St. Charles Hotel 79
Sons of Erin 158
The Banner 98
Hibernia Pub 5
Chapin's Fish & Chips 118
Chapin's 76
The Wooden Shoe 19
The Summer Shanty 178
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